Pfizer Vaccine Booking

In conjunction with the Australian Government, the Vaccine Centre is currently providing  the Pfizer vaccine for for First Dose patients and adults aged 40-59 only (proof of age will be required). We do NOT accept walk-ins. If you do not have an appointment we cannot vaccinate you.

FIRST Dose - there are 2 parts to make a booking

PART 1: Complete the mandatory government registration form below with your official First and Last name. You only need to complete this form once for THIS CLINIC.

Government Registration & Consent Form

PART 2: Select date/time from the list below and complete your booking.

Please select carefully as there are NO changes or cancellations allowed.

Pfizer Vaccine Booking Days – FULL!


Once you have the first dose of Pfizer, you are automatically booked for the second dose exactly 3 weeks later, you will have to attend at the SAME TIME as your first dose.

Example: If you had dose 1 on Thursday 22 July at 10:15, you MUST attend on THURSDAY 12 August at 10:15.
If you do not attend for any reason, we cannot guarantee your second dose.

If you had your first Pfizer dose 1 at another clinic, you cannot have your second dose here and must return to the same clinic for dose 2.