Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to expect at and after your appointment?

  • Make sure you have an appointment or you will be sent home
  • Be polite or you will be asked to leave
  • Make sure you have filled in the mandatory Government Registration Form for this clinic
  • Arrive on time as we only have a limited waiting area
  • It is your responsibility to wear a mask, and socially distance at all times
  • Come prepared to be vaccinated and wear clothing with easy access to your upper arm (deltoid muscle)
  • If you have questions or are unsure please read the information on the webiste and discuss with your doctor before making an appointment
  • Before OR after you have been vaccinated please complete the Australian Immunisation Registry (AIR) form (a.k.a Vaccine Checkin Form)

2. What happens if I fill in the Government Registration Form or Australian Immunisation Registry (AIR) Form incorrectly – for example misspelt/different name or incorrect DOB?

In this situation your COVID immunisation will NOT be updated to the AIR. This can not be rectified by us so please ask your GP to submit a fax to AIR directly to rectify this.

3. When to book Dose 2 for AstraZeneca?

You need to book your second dose anytime from 1 month after the first dose. We will NOT send you a reminder. You can book online 1 week in advance.

4. Why are the Pfizer allocation restricted?

Due to limited vaccine supply from the Department of Health we are only allowed to provide the allocated Pfizer vaccines to those aged 40-59 at this time. PLEASE DO NOT text us with special requests and DO NOT falsify your date of birth on your booking as you will be sent home.

5. When to get Dose 2 for Pfizer?

Once you receive your First Dose at this clinic you are automatically booked for your Second Dose in exactly 3 weeks. Your second dose appointment time is identical to your first dose appointment time. You will not be sent a reminder for your second dose. If you do not attend your appointment for any reason we will not be able to assist you on another day.

For example: If you had dose 1 on Thursday 22 July at 10:15, you MUST attend on THURSDAY 12 August at 10:15.
If you do not attend for any reason, we cannot guarantee your second dose.

If you had your first Pfizer dose 1 at another clinic, you cannot have your second dose here and must return to the same clinic for dose 2.

6. Where can I obtain proof of vaccination?

We are NOT able to provide you with a COVID vaccination certificate. At your appointment we will request you complete the online Australian Immunisation Registry (AIR) form which will provide you a 9 digit code. This process automatically uploads your vaccine to AIR once you have been vaccinated. Please ensure you complete this on the DAY of your vaccine, not before. This will then be uploaded to the Immunisation Registry. Following this, you or your GP may be able to access your immunisation record and print out a copy for your own records. WE CANNOT PROVIDE ANY FURTHER information or proof so please do NOT contact us demanding this service.

Proof of your COVID-19 vaccination can be obtained through Services Australia.

7. Cancellation or changing appointment times.

We do NOT accept any appointment cancellations. If you cancel your appointment you will NOT be able to book another appointment in the same week.

If you wish to change your appointment time or date within the SAME WEEK you can do so by simply following the “edit submission” link in your appointment email confirmation. This will allow you to change the time and/or date of appointment within the SAME WEEK if there are available appointments. Unfortunately we are NOT able change your appointment date/time on your behalf.


9. This is a FREE CLINIC to citizens and non-citizens. A medicare card is NOT required for you to register.

If you have a medicare card please bring it to your appointment so that you can complete the Australian Immunisation Registry Form.

10. NO on-site toilet facilities


Best parking is on the Pacific Highway or Larkin Lane carpark behind the Roseville Cinema. Please note the clearway signs.