Northshore Roseville Respiratory Clinic

To support the health and safety of our community, in conjunction with the Australian Government Department of Health, the Northshore Roseville Respiratory Clinic was established. This FREE clinic will assess patients of ALL AGES with minor cold and flu symptoms and offers COVID-19 testing.


Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 4 PM

Sat: 8am-12pm

By Appointment Only

(Admin staff available to confirm TEXT bookings up to 9pm daily)


Call / Text name & preferred time:  0458 604 096 

General queries:  02 9416 9742

Please complete the following mandatory form to confirm your booking:

For information on location and parking:

Parking & Public transport

Please note the clinic’s waiting area is located at the back of the main centre in a white marquee. When facing the Rosecentre, please walk down the Left hand side driveway and timber walkway to the back of the centre and wait in the designated waiting area. There are only limited on-site parking spaces available for the clinic and we request all patients who park on-site to leave immediately after completion of their assessment so that they do not inconvenience others.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions?

  1. RESULTS: All COVID-19 swabs are processed by Laverty Pathology and will text your results within 24 hours. If you have any queries about your results please contact Laverty Pathology on 133 936
  2. SWABS: All swabs are performed by experienced doctors or nurses trained to minimise discomfort
  3. Only complete the ONLINE FORM once per person. For future bookings you do NOT need to complete the form again. You do NOT need to print this form. Please complete this form carefully as it automatically generates your pathology swab request form. If you enter incorrect details (e.g. DOB, mobile) this will delay your results.
  4. NO WAITING: If your online form has been completed prior to arrival you will be seen promptly.
  5. NO REFERRAL REQUIRED – the online form has a drop titled “referral” however this refers to where you heard about the clinic
  6. We test patients of ALL AGES including newborn babies
  7. This is a FREE clinic
  8. There are no on-site toilet facilities
  9. BEST PARKING is on the Pacific Highway and then walk to clinic. Please note the clearway signs
  10. TRAVEL & CLEARANCE COVID-19 CERTIFICATES: Patients requiring urgent certification for travel and other purposes please contact BMP next door on 9416 1214.

When to call triple zero (000)

If the person needing an appointment has any of these symptoms:

– significantly faster and difficultly breathing
– pain on breathing
– significantly faster and difficultly breathing
– pain on breathing
– confusion
– skin feels unusually cold and sweaty, patchy discolouration or pale skin
– central or crushing chest pain
– unconsciousness or suffering a seizure (fit)
– difficulty breathing or turning blue
– badly bleeding
– victim of a severe accident

Then call triple zero (000) and ask for an ambulance.

People who meet any of the following criteria are encouraged to book a Telehealth appointment with their regular GP instead: over 70, or over 50 and identifies as being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background, or has a long term health condition, or pregnant or a parent of a child under 12 months. If Telehealth is not possible for you, consider booking one of the appointment times at this respiratory clinic.